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MojiBa®︎ artist

aiko uragami

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I am an artist to create the MojiBa®︎ (Moji Base art®︎).

There have been always animals surrounding me, since I was born and raised in Gifu

where full of nature overflows.

Dogs, the family members had been easing and loving me all the time.

My major was art and learned the basic of it in high-school and college

while I was studying abroad in the USA.
Animals quite often appeared in my art works unconsciously.

I’d drawn my lovely dogs living apart for one of my projects by using their names only.

That’s the beginning of drawing by letters, such I named Moji Base art (MojiBa).

(Moji means ‘letters’ in Japanese.)

I’ve started getting orders from people who saw my Moji Base art and realized that

I'm happy when creating artworks for people who love animals or their pets.

After time, my children were born and I’ve been experiencing impressions and feelings

which I’ve never experienced every day.

Under the circumstances, I’ve started creating arts for lovely children and their parents.

The names are the gifts carrying tons of parents’ love and thoughts,

so my baby posters always include names written in Japanese.


I’ve lived in many places, and Ishigaki & remote islands especially impressed me.
I was truly attracted by the beauty of coexistence of nature and animals.

I’ve re-recognized that we are living by renting Earth,

and we really have to face to the environmental issues for future children and the Earth.


In addition, I feel grief in various problems that overflow in the world such as

animal abandonment or their inferior environment,  refugee issue, the poverty and so on……


My prior goal is to make many people happy through my art by Moji Base art®︎,

but beyond that point, I want to create arts to message the issues of the world

to make all the people, and living things including nature happy.

Exhibition history


▶︎2009. Nov

〈Aiko's Art Show〉Solo exhibition @Sushi Gallery Miki in California, USA


▶︎2021. Sep

〈Super Cute Postcard Parade〉Group exhibition @The pop hop in Los Angeles, USA

▶︎2021. Oct

<Moji Base art show> Solo exhibition @Ogaki Joho Kobo in Ogaki Gifu, Japan


▶︎2022. Jan

<Visual Art Banquet> Group exhibition @ Adobe books in San Francisco, USA


▶︎2022. Feb

<Moji Base art show> Solo exhibition @Kinoshita Komuten in Gifu, Japan 


▶︎2022. April

<Moji Base art show> Solo exhibition @Giryoshouji ALLDAY in Anpachi Gifu, Japan

→about the project


▶︎2022. July

<Moji Base art®︎ show> Solo exhibition @Ogaki Seino Shinyo bank in Ogaki Gifu, Japan

▶︎2022. July-Aug

<Moji Base art®︎> Event @Michino Eki Yanaizu in Gifu, Japan

▶︎2022. Aug

<Moji Base art®︎> Collaboration Event with Marble Crayon Project @aeon mall Ogaki in Ogaki Gifu, Japan

▶︎2022. Sep

<EMojiBa Exhibition aiko uragami's drawing with MojiBa®︎> Web exhibition @Nihonbashi in Tokyo, Japan


▶︎2022. Oct21st-23rd

〈Salon Art Shopping Paris 2022〉Group exhibition

@Carrousel du Louvre (Louvre basement) in Paris, France

▶︎2023. Feb

〈Dogs & cats exhibition〉Group exhibition    @Gallery Kunitachi    in Tokyo, Japan

▶︎2023. Feb

〈No War world poster exhibition〉Group exhibition    @ESCA   in Nagoya, Japan

▶︎2023. March

<EMojiBa Exhibition aiko uragami's drawing with MojiBa®︎> Web exhibition @Nihonbashi in Tokyo, Japan

▶︎2023. March

<E to MojiBa®︎ Ten> solo exhibition  @AEON mall Ogaki in Gifu, Japan

▶︎2023. June

<Moji Base art®︎ show>  solo exhibition @Ogaki Seino Shinyo bank in Ogaki Gifu, Japan

▶︎22023. June

〈Postcard Parade Art Show〉Group exhibition @The pop hop in Los Angeles, USA

▶︎2023. July

< We can hear from the water>    Group exhibition @Guranduo Tachikawa    in Tokyo, Japan



▶︎2021 70th Ogaki Art Exhibition -Design category-  Prize

▶︎2022 71st Ogaki Art Exhibition -Design category-  The chairperson Prize




▶︎2021 (Radio)  FM PiPi (Tajimi) 「ZENT HOT RADIO」

▶︎2022 (Article) Chunichi Newspaper HARINCO 

▶︎2022 (Article & YouTube)  Re:touch

▶︎2022 (Newspaper)

Chubu Keizai Newspaper, Chunichi Newspaper, Gifu Newspaper, Yomiuri Newspaper, Asahi Newspaper

▶︎2022 (TV) Ogaki Cable TV -Daily up plus-

▶︎2022 (Interviewed article) Nihonbashi Interview

▶︎2022 (Interviewed article) Ogaki business support center (GakiBiz) interview

▶︎2023  RUNGO Design school  a guest in YouTube      

▶︎2023 (TV) CBC TV -Chant-

▶︎2023 (TV) Nihon TV -UP-     → You Tube

▶︎2023 Chunichi Newspaper

Work Result

▶︎2021 (Reiwa de Nenga) The designs of new year postcards are adopted.

▶︎2022 (Initial Gallery)

My design was chosen and adopted for the Coloring book 'Art coloring colletion ~travel・ adventure edition~

→to buy the book

▶︎2022 (Ogaki Sakura High school) Speeched as a special guest

▶︎2022  (Association of Gifu industry environmental conservation) Novelty goods design

▶︎2022 (American English School) Drawing for the classroom display

▶︎2023 (Sekigahara Memorial) IEYASU KABUTO designed Furoshikis are sold there

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