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Please read the following before applying from the baby poster application form.


If you apply from here, we only accept payment by Paypay / transfer (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ).

After applying and confirming the contents, we will inform you of the amount and payment details by e-mail from here, and after confirming the payment from the customer, we will start production.

Those who wish to use other payment methods such as credit cards can purchase from the online shop.


<About size>

✳︎ Baby poster ✳︎

・ A4  (297 x 210)

・ A3  (420 x 297)     * It will be for one person

✳︎Mago board ✳︎

A4  (297 x 210)

・ A3  (420 x 297)

* For 5 or more people, only A3 is supported.

* Unless requested, we will determine the vertical and horizontal orientation according to the number of people and placement.

* If you have a request, please fill in the last column of the application form.

<About the course>

* Price includes shipping

✳︎ Baby poster ✳︎


¥ 2.000

A3 :

A4 amount + ¥ 1,000


✳︎Mago board ✳︎


¥ 2.000 / person

A3 :

¥ 2000 x number of people + ¥ 1,000


<Flow until shipping>

✳︎ Fill in the required items on the inquiry form

✳︎ Please contact us after confirming the email from aikocoro

(Payment details & confirmation of detailed information etc)

✳︎ Payment & payment confirmation ↓

✳︎ Sending photos from customers * I'm glad that the photos are as focused and high quality as possible ↓

✳︎ Work production

✳︎ Confirm if sample confirmation is required

(* If you do not need it, it will be shipped as it is after creation)

✳︎ Shipping

Baby poster application form


* Required items

Thank you for your application.

We will contact you after confirming the contents.

* After sending the application, enter the email address

An automatic reply email will be sent from

Depending on the application you are using, it may be sorted into "promotion" or "junk mail", so please set it so that you can receive mail.

<About shipping>

A4 ▶ ︎OPP bag + A4 cardboard will be sandwiched and packed and shipped outside the fixed form.

A3 ▶ ︎ Put it in a paper cylinder and it will be shipped from the post office outside the fixed form.
* Please understand that there is no warranty or tracking service before purchasing. Please note that we are not responsible for any loss, accident, damage, etc. during delivery.

<Other precautions>

✳︎ Frame is not included

✳︎ Paper is photo paper: 0.27mm for both A4 and A3

✳︎ If you have a color request, please fill in the last column of the order form

* Amount may change


✳︎ Additional charges may be incurred if corrections are made many times after checking the sample.

* Please note that you cannot make major changes such as changing the characters.

✳︎ Delivery time: We will ship within one week from the payment date * If you are in a hurry, please specify the desired delivery date and apply

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