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Please order from 'Moji Base art®︎ Order Form' after having the following read.

<About Payment>

You can use Paypal only for the payment through this order form.

After I check the order, I will tell you the price and the details of the payment by the emails. After I confirm the payment from you, I start drawing.

If you wish to pay by other payment methods such as a credit card etc, you can do so through 'shop -aikocoro-', or please send me a message through CONTACT.

About the size, course, price and frames

Please check from here ▶ ︎

<Flow until shipping>

✳︎ Fill in the required items on the order form

✳︎ aikocoro will send a message after confirming the order

(about payment details & sample confirmation etc)

✳︎ Payment & payment confirmation

✳︎ Sending photos of animals to aikocoro

* I'm glad that the photos are as focused and high quality as possible.

✳︎ Work production

✳︎ Confirm if sample confirmation is required

(* If you do not need it, it will be sent as it is after creation)

✳︎ Sending the data

<About shipping>

  -Without frame-

A4 ▶ ︎ It will be packed by sandwiching it between OPP bags and A4 cardboard boxes.

A3 ▶ ︎ It will be put in an OPP bag + paper cylinder.

A2, A1, B1 ▶ ︎Because it is outsourced, it will be delivered directly from the printing company.


  -With frame-


All sizes are outsourced.

Shipping costs vary by region, so I will send you a reply email when you place your order.

<Other precautions>

※ I decide the direction of the drawing after I check the models in the pictures, as long as there is no request from you.

✳︎ The color of the letters is basically black

✳︎ If you have a color request, please fill in the last column of the order form

(* Additional fees cost from 2nd color or more)


✳︎ Additional charges may be incurred if corrections are made many times after checking the sample.

* Please note that you cannot make major changes such as changing the characters.

✳︎ Delivery time: I need for a month at most to create from the payment date

* If you are in a hurry, please specify the desired delivery date and order.

Moji Base art®︎ Order Form


* Required items

Please check from here ▶ ︎

If you want to use more than one name, please write others here.

If you order two animals, please write their names.

Ex:Reo, Choco

You can leave it open.

・A color except the black in the case of a request
・When you want to use several colors

Thank you very much for your order.  I will send you the message after I confirm your order contents.

* An automatic reply email will be sent to the email address you entered from, after sending the order form.

Depending on the application you are using, it may be sorted into "promotion" or "junk mail", so please set it so that you can receive mail.

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