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Send Love Project

▲The activities in the project are summarized in the video▲

​ *The photo is below

In 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began in February changed the lives of previously happy people.

It pained me every time I saw reports that ordinary people including children were killed, and there were children running away alone.

Many people had no choice but to evacuate, be separated from their precious families, and worry about living in a new land.........

There is little we can do in this unimaginable situation...but......

GiryoShouji and I thought together what we could do....

then we carried out the “Send Love Project” which to send the encouraging and loving messages.

We have done things listed below in this project.

1. People write a message of support or an illustration directly around my drawing of dolphins at laundry ALLDAY

2. People write "pray for Ukraine", "мир" etc..... in the frame drawn in LOVE and PEACE, and make a big heart made of letters together.

3. GiryoShouji collects messages and illustrations at gas stations and put them around the elephant painting for those who cannot go to the laundry.

4. Send images and videos of the finished paintings to volunteer groups active in the area, and spread them on SNS to reach more people.

A lot of people participated and we received messages of support and love.

We hope that as many people as possible will receive love from Japan and cheer up even for just a moment.

▼Messages from many people▼

​*Click to enlarge

▶︎Dolphin parent and child drawn in Love & Peace◀︎

▶︎ MojiBa®︎ heart made by everyone ♡◀︎

Marble Crayon Project x Send Love Project

Messages and illustrations were collected from many children
when we collaborated with
Marble crayon project.


People who wrote messages at the gas stations, and the students of the dance studio were also collected at the same day. 

My painting of the elephants was completely filled at the end of the project.

▶︎Elephant parent and child drawn in Love and Peace◀︎


▶︎We received a lot of messages◀︎

We continue to hope that the war ends as soon as possible and the day will come when people can spend time with a smile from the bottom of their heart.

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