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Ehon Columbus exhibition in LA in Sep. 2021

There will be a group exhibition at 'the pop hop' in LA.

Some of my Moji Base art will be exhibit in the event.

(I will announce the further information later.)

※Moji Base art (MojiBa) means the MojiBa is my original

drawing technique to draw only using letters.

Moji Base art of chihuahuas and poodles flew to LA as postcards.

I wish them a safe trip.

(and................I include my feelings of 'I wanted to goooooo---- too !!!' )

According to joining to this exhibition, I've created new artworks, so I will update

my gallery and hope you can enjoy them.

I get very excited when I challenge to something new.

I hope this group exhibition will be something wonderful!

Thank you very much for reading.

Have a nice day!


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