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Super Cute Postcard Parade in LA ☆Sep. 16th ~ 26th.2021 is successfully closed

「Super cute postcard parade」

has successfully finished.

I got many reports and pictures to know

how it was going there.

I was very happy to hear many people had

visited there (about 300 people! wow!),

and I want to thank everyone of them.

I have great appreciations to all the staff members

for their amazing efforts to run this exhibition such

as changing the displays in very busy days etc.

My artworks had been seen many people as well,

and some people bought my postcards too.

Thank you thank you thank you!

I've got to know many great artists through this exhibition,

so all I have is the great satisfaction by joining this opportunity.

I was very happy to spend and share this time with everyone

together, and I thank for all the supports they have given from the

beginning to the end.

Thank you very very very much for this wonderful experience!

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