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Super Cute Postcard Parade in LA ☆Sep.16th~26th☆

「Super cute postcard parade」

has started since yesterday with a super cute and cool flyer in LA.

This is a group exhibition, so many other wonderful artists

have joined with their great artworks.

(I got to know them through Instagram)

I saw their very talented artworks and they are just amazing.

I am glad and proud to be part of this exhibition.

I used to live in LA and I looooove LA so much,

so I want my babies (artworks) to enjoy their opportunity

in my favorite place.

Plus, I hope my artworks can share tremendous happiness to

many visitors.

(Awww.....I wanted to go with you!)

Thank you very much to @ehon_columbus and #Thepophop (the book store

holding this exhibition)

for holding this great exhibition and all the support.

I would love to share how it went in my next blog.

Thank you very much for reading.

Have a good day!

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